Hot from the press, Hannes Lochner's latest book

Kalahari Phototips is aimed at photographers who want to hone their photography skills and produce breathtaking images. Hannes Lochner takes you with him to the Kalahari to photograph nature with a freshly creative perspective. This book reveals all the tricks and trades of a phenomenal wildlife photographer.

Key Features

  • Breathtaking photography by the renowned wildlife photographer Hannes Lochner
  • Informative text by Hannes Lochner on wildlife photography
  • Tips for pro, as well as beginner photographers
  • Information accompanying each photograph on how the reader can take a similar photograph
  • Information on each photograph of how the image was taken
  • Inspirational and entertaining stories of first hand experiences by Hannes Lochner, while photographing
  • Within an affordable price range
  • Lightweight and slim to facilitate easy packing and transportation.

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Scroll Down to see what recent awards Hannes has won!
The Great Escape
Winner 2015
Nature's Best Photography Africa
Mammals of Africa
First Runner Up 2015
Nature's Best Photography Africa
Africa up Close
Spikes and stars
Finalist 2014
Veolia Wildlife Photographer of the Year
Amphibians and Reptiles
Curiosity and the cat
Joint runner-up 2013
Veolia Wildlife Photographer of the Year
Animal Portraits
Lion by lightning
Runner Up 2012
Veolia Wildlife Photographer of the Year
Animals in their Environment
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