Kalahari Photo Tips

Kalahari Phototips is aimed at photographers who want to hone their photography skills and produce breathtaking images. Hannes Lochner takes you with him to the Kalahari to photograph nature with a freshly creative perspective. This book reveals all the tricks and trades of a phenomenal wildlife photographer.

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The Dark Side of the Kalahari

The Dark Side of the Kalahari is Hannes Lochner's third and latest addition to his book collection.He recently returned from a two year, 100 000 Km journey in the Kalahari (Kgalagadi) Desert,capturing the life of a single leopard female and her struggle to raise cubs in this extremely harsh environment.This is more of a storybook than just pretty pictures, also covering the adventures of characters such asLuna, the leopard, in the main role. It is a 200 page book in full colour, which slides into a protective box,just like the first two books in this series by the same author.

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Colours of Southern Africa

Colours of Southern Africa is a wonderful photographic debut. . The photographs in this book were captured over two years travelling across Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe and South Africa.Wildlife photographs that constitute a sort of photographic safari, capturing the fantastic variety of animal life in Southern Africa's National Parks. Published for the first time in 2007, the third reprint will become available in 2013.

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